Bathtub Trays are Chic and Practical at the Same Time

There’s nothing like enjoying a warm bath after a long day, and if you’re looking for a way to make your routine more enjoyable – bathtub trays are a must. In addition to looking really chic, they’re extremely practical since they allow you to do many things along the way.

Reading Time

We stumbled upon dozens of photos of books resting on a bathtub tray while scrolling through Instagram in the last few weeks, and they’re making us completely rethink our reading routine.

Perfect Snack

The main purpose of trays is serving food, but these ones allow you to enjoy some tasty snacks and a glass of wine or tea from the comfort of your bathtub.

Netflix Binge

Bathtub trays offer infinite possibilities if you’re creative enough, and watching an episode of your favorite show is also an option.

Spa Day

You can also use your tray to layout your spa day essentials, and simply relax in your bathtub without doing anything else.