Bring Your Meditation Everywhere with Mala Jewels

Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash

Mala necklaces and bracelets are a great way to express yourself while still being reminded of your meditation practices.

What is Mala?

Putting it simply, mala beads are beads that are attached to a string that’s used as a tool to count mantras or sayings that inspire you. Those can be well known Indian mantras or even positive affirmations that you say to yourself.

Precious Stones

The precious stones that come with a mala come with many meanings catered to what you need. Need a stone that reminds you of wisdom? Opt for Jasper. If you’re looking for clarity, maybe a howlite stone would be perfect for you. Amethyst is great to soothe your day’s stresses and to help you to sleep soundly and recenter.

It’s all about choosing a stone with a meaning that rings true for you.

Charge Them Up

Charging crystals and precious stones helps to keep their energy potent and strong. If you already have a salt lamp at home, you can plus your beads on it since it absorbs the negative ions. Another method is by using a Tibetan singing bowl tuned to 432 Hz to transfer the sound frequency to your stones.