Check Out These Retro Trends Making a Comeback

Boho fashion
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

They say that within the world of fashion, what goes around comes around. Retro styles have always had a big impact on contemporary looks, but this has perhaps never been more true than in 2024. From bold, vintage prints to ’90s-style denim, chances are you’ve got today’s hottest looks hanging out in the back of your wardrobe from when they were fashionable the first time.

Retro Prints

Whether you opt for some ’60s flower power or some ’70s psychedelic patterns, big bold prints are definitely back. Make a statement by wearing them from head to toe, or nod to the trend by wearing a beautifully patterned scarf, or even some bright and bold socks.

Boho Breeze

The boho look was popularized in the late ’90s by fashion festival-goers such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Think light, breezy fabrics such as linens and silks, a wide-brimmed hat and some fringing or tassel detailing to complete your look. Most vintage shops offer plenty of boho inspiration, so as with all of these retro looks, you don’t need to buy new.

’90s Denim

When you’re buying denim this year, look out for vintage ’90s pieces, or modern pieces inspired by the ’90s shapes and styling. Think big, baggy, and bold and you won’t go wrong. This style of jeans looks great with a delicate camisole top and some reliable white sneakers.