Fun Yoga Classes to Try

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

You’ve heard of classic yoga classes like Vinyasa, Yin Yang, Hatha, and Bikram. But if you want more of a challenge or a change-up, try one of these classes.

Hot Yoga

Take any of the classic yoga classes and do them…in 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The intense heat means deeper stretching for muscles and helping your body dispose of toxins. Be sure to drink lots of water the entire day prior to the class to dehydration.

Aerial Yoga

This class is also known as anti-gravity yoga and is a combination of yoga and pilates done while suspended in hammocks. Don’t eat or drink a lot before the class since you will be doing suspensions. Suspensions offer additional health benefits including spinal decompression and muscle relief.

Aqua Yoga

Practicing yoga in the water gives you a sense of weightlessness, allowing you to try new poses and postures with the water supporting you. It’s also refreshing and great for those who love pool time!