Glamlite’s is Taking the Beauty World by Storm with Their Food-Inspired Makeup

Food-inspired makeup collections are one of the biggest beauty trends to emerge in the past year or two. The latest makeup collaboration that falls under this umbrella comes in the form of the Hershey’s x Glamlite line, but it’s not the first for this cult makeup brand.

Long before other brands tried to profit off of the rising popularity of food-makeup collaborations, Glamlite already perfected the art of doing it. Its founder Gisselle Hernandez didn’t even need help from famous food companies to get her foot in the door and kicked things off with Glamlite’s signature pizza palette in 2018.

Food-inspired makeup products quickly became the signature of this beauty brand. From tacos and burgers to donuts and cookies, Glamlite constantly put a twist on our favorite comfort foods and made them a part of our makeup routines.

It was just a matter of time before major food companies joined forces with this brand, and their first big collaboration saw them team up with Icee. Their latest sweet collab is even more epic than their first, and you’ll love it if you’re a fan of Hershey’s Kisses.

Glamlite’s Hershey’s line includes five eyeshadow palettes, a makeup sponge, and a lip gloss set. You can find it on Glamlite’s official website, together with the rest of the brand’s food-inspired products.