How to Do a Waterfall Braid

Are you ready for 2020 hairstyles? This waterfall braid is a great twist to the traditional French braid. If you have ever tried to do a French braid on your own hair you know that it can be difficult. This waterfall braid hairstyle might look just as tricky but it’s actually really simple if you follow the instructions below. It’s such a beautiful style that can be used for many occasions.

Try not to get stressed by the technique, as you can also be creative and manipulate French braids and halo braids into a waterfall braid.  Make sure you have bobby and hairpins available and some rubber bands. Prepare the hair with some hairspray to get a good all-day hold. Make sure before you start you know your hair type—for those with fine hair make it smaller and if you have thick hair you can make the braid a lot bigger.

Once you are done with the braid pull it out a little to make it messy and give you hair some volume. Make sure to spray with some texture product to give the style hold and body.

Here is a video tutorial from YouTuber Missy Sue on how to get started.

It can look great in both long or short hair, so, check out this video for a tutorial on short hair.

If you have textured hair it’s best to straighten your hair before; otherwise, it can end up looking more like a box braid or twist.