How You Can Travel to Expensive Places Without Breaking the Bank

Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

There are some places in the world that are, unfortunately, very expensive to visit as a tourist. But don’t be discouraged! Just because you want to see an expensive place doesn’t mean you have to shell out tons of dough. Follow these tips and you can see the world and stick to your budget.

Off Season

The easiest way to see a place is in it’s off season. Usually when you do you can save at least 20%-30% on lodging, rental cards, and more. Even though you’re not going perhaps when it’s best to see the city or country, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a less amazing time or see all the amazing sites.

Duty Free

A lot of places, especially in Europe, have really steep prices for alcohol. Instead of spending all your money out on wine and cocktails, pick up a few bottles at the airport so you can live within your means but still have loads of fun on your trip.


One of the easiest ways to save on cost is by cooking as many meals as you can instead of going out to eat for every meal every day of your trip. This will also keep you healthier than eating out so much.