If Summer Means Swollen Fingers For You, You’re Not Alone

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There are some people that can’t go a day without wearing a ring on each finger. But if you’re someone who gets swollen fingers once the temperature starts to rise, your frustration is understandable.

The reason why your fingers are swelling, and it’s much more common in women than men, is probably because your blood vessels are expanding so your body can let out more heat, but in turn, the fluid from the vessels move into the tissue which makes for swelling. The good news is you can do these easy things to get your swelling down and keep your rings on!


Not only will exercise help circulate your blood better and help keep swelling down, but there are specific hand exercises you can do when your fingers are swollen. One is to spread your fingers wide and close it into a fist a few times. You can also elevate your hands so the blood flow increases.

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One of the best things to do is to ice your hands or at least put them under some cold water. Not only will it cool you down, but it will also let the blood vessels contract. While you put them under cold water though, try to massage them as well.