Mobile Motivation: Apps That Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

Popsugar Active

An app from the popular women’s trends website that breaks down targeted workouts in follow-along videos so you can virtually attend a class whenever is most convenient for you. The videos feature 1-3 fitness coaches, so there are always modifications available.


The free version offers a selection of workouts for targeted areas with short demo videos that you can watch and re-watch for accuracy. For the paid plan you get more videos that align with your goals.


This app translates your steps from various health apps into points and will reward you with $10 once you reach 10,000 points. It does take a long time to accumulate, but it’s fun and you get a little reward.


Build workouts based on your goals, workout duration, impact level, stance, difficulty, and exercise category, making it a very customizable and personalized app experience.

Jefit Workout

This app has a database of hundreds of exercises, which you can build custom workouts from. It also serves as a calendar and keeps track of what and how many exercises you choose.