Pretty Spring Nails to Try in 2019

It might be only January, but it is time to start getting ready for the upcoming season. Trends are always in a bit earlier, which means we know all the new spring nails you should try this year.

Everything should be vibrant, eye-catching and unique. The four designs below are some of the biggest trends for 2019.

Gorgeous Marble

Marble nails just got an upgrade for spring. Forget about dark shades such as black and grey. It is officially time to switch to more vibrant manicures. You can also decorate your marble spring nails with gold foil.


Flowers are the synonym for spring. Once the warm days come, you can paint all the colorful blooms on your nails. The more color you use, the better.

Cute Patterns

Who could stay immune to these super-cute bee nails? Forget about basic spring nails, you can now do all the fun patterns that you like. Play with colors and shapes to get a statement manicure.

Pretty In Pink

There is one super-girly color you’ll want to put all over your nails this season. All shades of pink will be popular, so you don’t even have to choose Instead opt for all of them.