Top 3 Pinterest Travel Trends You Should Try in 2022

Lake trip. 2022 travel trends
Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

2022 is just around the corner and some people are already making their travel plans for the year to come. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Pinterest’s list of top travel trends for the upcoming year, and you may find some inspiration for your next big adventure.

All-Inclusive Travel

Pinterest predicts that people will turn to “beautiful escapes where they don’t have to lift a finger” in 2022—most notably, all-inclusive resorts. Resort aesthetic and best all-inclusive resorts are two of the most searched terms on this platform, and they singled out the U.S. Virgin Islands as the most searched destination.

Lake Adventures

Seaside has been ruling the travel world for too long, and it’s finally time for lakes to have their moment in the sun. Lake resorts will be all the rage next year, as more people ditch beachfront getaways to explore them. Summer lake aesthetic is especially popular with Pinterest users, and they’re going crazy for pontoon boats and lake homes right now.

Late Night Adventures

Why only explore new places during the day, when there’s so much more waiting to be discovered at nighttime? Pinterest predicts that “the most memorable adventures will happen after sundown in 2022.” Road trip and bioluminescence aesthetic are two of the most searched terms that fall under this category, together with London city lights and night beaches.