Would You Try This Secret Tattoo Trend?

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Getting a tattoo is and should be a big deal – you’re putting something on your body that will stay there forever. Normally, if you’re deciding on getting a tattoo, you want it to be visible. You are either doing something meaningful or something you find beautiful, and it’s only normal that you want other people to notice it.

So what about this trend then? If you’re getting a ‘secret tattoo’, not everybody would get to see it. For a super-secret mark that’s also insanely trendy at the moment, consider an inner-lip tattoo.

As with most of the trends, all that was needed for the trend to start rolling were a few celebrities who tried it out. Kendall Jenner comes to mind first. See below how different lip tattoos can look and you might just get inspired to get one yourself. After all, nobody has to know. You can have something meaningful to you engraved in your body without the need to explain it to everyone you meet.