Unrealistically Real Makeup Art Transformations

People say that the distance between dreams and reality is action. In that case, this amazing makeup artist is a true action girl. She brings dreams into the real world trough outstanding makeup art. These kinds of transformations are very modern, and Katie Butt is bringing the best to the table.

Meet Katie

Her face is her canvas, and makeup ideas that she is bringing are creative and marvelous. And as she says on her profile “Just figuring it out” – you have to admit she is on great way.


Katie Butt is a true performer – she is a painter, not just makeup artist. Her work looks so lively. She is doing her job amazingly and makes her face look like a cartoon character or a sketch. On her face, you can see butterflies, bubbles, pancakes, candies, holiday decorations, and many other motifs.


Butt’s work includes a lot of illusions. Since every artist needs inspiration, she’s got hers from a lot of makeup artists, and one of them is fabulous James Charles.


If you come to like Butt’s work, go straight to her Instagram profile and watch shocking transformation tutorials. You will be able to copy these outstanding looks.