What is Modest Fashion?

Modest fashion is one of the newest trends in fashion, worn by both religious and secular people alike. The idea of dressing modestly can happen for a number of reasons, but the idea of having to cover certain areas may make people believe the clothes themselves should be ugly and drab. But, modest fashion is just the opposite; fashion-forward, beautiful, and very cool.

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Often, you might be passing many people on the street that adhere to modest fashion without you even knowing it. Wearing matching pieces like this give a modern feel to a great fitting sweater and skirt combination. You can rock an outfit like this with a great pair of heels, boots, or just some down-home sneakers.

The cool part about modest fashion is that you can find clothes that build off of existing trends and silhouettes and easily make it modest. A shirt dress is a classic dress that in and of itself can be modest as long as the length is right. Pair it with some wild accessories for a stunning look.

Modest fashion allows you to play with fashion in a new way, where you really have to consider how things are going to look together more so than regular fashion. Something like pairing a mid-calf skirt or dress with a bootie is so cute, and you might not have put the two together in a regular outfit.