What to Drink Before a Workout?

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Choosing the right pre-workout beverage can help you prepare for an exhausting workout and improve your athletic performance. Check out the list of best drinks to have before your workout.


This magical drink increases our energy levels and focus and that’s why we love drinking it so much. Studies have shown that coffee can boost your athletic performance, assuming that you enjoy drinking it.

Protein Shake

You can easily make your own protein shake at home and prepare for a tough workout with this tasty drink. Use a blender to mix greek yogurt or protein powder, almond milk and your favorite fruit such as bananas.

Green Juice

Many people swear by green juice and claim this refreshing drink fuels them for tough workouts. Apart from the fact that they’re great for getting all the calories, electrolytes and vitamins your body needs, green juices are tasty and won’t weigh you down during a workout.