Why Ice Cubes Are Your New Skincare Best Friend

Ice cubes
Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Have you ever thought of raiding your freezer for skincare solutions? Well, it’s time to look at ice cubes in a new way. These frosty little cubes are becoming a hot trend in beauty circles for all the right reasons. Let’s chat about why ice might just be the best addition to your skincare regime.

Soothes Inflamed Skin

Ice has is great for reducing swelling and soothing injuries and the same principle applies to your skin. For those suffering from acne or other inflammatory skin conditions, gently rubbing an ice cube over the affected area can help reduce redness and swelling. 

Reduces Under-eye Bags

Few things are as frustrating as waking up with puffy eyes. Ice cubes can come to your rescue by shrinking the dilated blood vessels under your eyes. Simply wrap a cube in a soft cloth and gently press under the eyes. The cold helps in reducing puffiness and refreshes your appearance.

Enhances Product Absorption

Applying ice on your face before your skincare routine can help in shrinking the pores, which provides a smoother surface for applying makeup. Additionally, the cooling effect of the ice enhances the skin’s absorption abilities. This means that the products you apply afterward, such as serums and creams, are absorbed better.