Brief Guide to Properly Using a Gym Shower

Some people avoid gym showers at all costs, but if you have to go to work or run errands after your sweat session, they’re pretty much impossible to avoid.

Here’s a couple of ground rules you should follow the next time you enter this area.

Nice and Clean

The gym staff probably won’t have time to properly clean up after everyone using a shower, especially during busy hours. That’s why you should always try to leave this area in a good shape for the person who’ll step in after you.

Bring Your Flip Flops

Gym shower isn’t one of those places where you’d want to go barefoot. Always bring a pair of flip flops along, and never leave things to chance. You don’t know who used the shower before you and how many bacteria are lurking inside.

Remember Everything

Forgetting to bring a towel before hopping into the shower may be an option at home, but it certainly isn’t at the gym. Check if everything you need is right there, and try to always bring your own stuff instead of renting towels and toiletries at the gym, especially if you have sensitive skin.