Chanel Debuts First Collection After The Death Of Karl Lagerfeld

Only months after the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel presents the Resort 2020 collection created by the designer’s successor. Virginie Viard is the new name who was assigned as a creative director of the iconic French brand. She has been working alongside Karl for over 30 years, learning from a mastermind, getting to know the DNA of the brand and being ready to release a whole collection under her leadership.

Now the main question stands – did Virginie live up to the status of her mentor?

After seeing the Resort 2020, we can definitely conclude that Chanel’s designs still feature that timeless class that Lagerfeld was so dedicated to preserving.

The line was presented in the infamous Grand Palais, a very common setting for Chanel. The label decided to take their audience through a very colorful journey of shades, materials, and cuts. The room was transformed into a train station, to depict that feeling of adventure.

The one thing we have to admit is that Viard stayed faithful to Coco and Karl’s visions for the brand, but did also include her personal signature in the 79 runway looks. The new Chanel girl still dresses up in tweed but is even more feminine and bold.