Forget Buying a New TV, Get Yourself a Projector!

Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

Most people think of projectors and jump immediately to classrooms or movie theaters. However, having a home projector is really attainable and useful! If you are looking for a different type of viewing experience or you want to host the best movie nights ever, consider purchasing a projector.


A lot of people think projectors are a huge expense, but a good quality projector and a screen will actually cost you way less than a TV. As most televisions won’t be nearly as large as a projector screen, you will actually save tons of money for how many inches of screen you can get.


With a regular TV, once you put it somewhere it’s difficult to change the placement without messing up the whole design of your room. But, with a projector and screen, you can easily change up the placement if you opt for a screen on a tripod! This way you can enjoy your shows all over the house and even outside!

Intentional Viewing

A lot of people turn on the TV and watch for hours because it is easy. Since a projector and screen does take a little bit more time, you will probably use it less than a TV making the times you do use it more intentional.