Hair Trend Alert: Milk Tea Color is Taking Asia by Storm

This year gave us several viral hair trends, and the latest craze that’s taking the internet by storm is coming straight from Asia. A growing number of Instagram users from Japan and Singapore are posting stunning photos of their milk tea-inspired hair color.

This emerging craze is the latest in the series of coloring trends inspired by popular beverages, and it probably won’t be the last. Mulled wine and iced mocha already rocked our world, and it was just a matter of time before milk tea did the same.

Since this drink comes in many shapes and forms, so does the hair color inspired by it. Creamy beige shade is the most popular so far, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that changed since this trend offers room for a lot of versatility.

Some colorists are taking this trend to a whole new level by creating flawless ombré looks and experimenting with different color melts. If you’re thinking of giving milk tea color a try, make sure to find a hair expert who can do the same for you.