Have Face Masks All Over Your Home? Here’s How to Store Them

If there’s one thing we’ve collected in 2020, it would have to be face masks. Somehow, we’ve come up with quite a collection and they’ve invaded our homes, cars, and bags. But when we need a mask, we can’t seem to find a clean one. With these storage solutions, you don’t have to worry about leaving your house without a mask or running out of them.


While your entryway is the best place to keep your masks because it’s the first and last place you go when entering and leaving your home, it also gets cluttered really easily with bags, shoes, umbrellas, coats, and shoes. Keep it clean by only having the essentials there.

Boxes and Hooks

Store your masks in small, see-through bins or boxes or designated hooks. Each family member can have a labeled spot for their mask, which is the safest way to store them.

Keep Extras

It’s always a good idea to have extra masks, so store spare ones in your home’s entryway, purse, car, or kids’ backpacks and school lockers. Place the masks in miniature pouches to keep things more sanitary.