Mouth-Watering Instagram Accounts for Cheese Lovers

Cheese is one of those dairy products that no one can resist, and if you count yourself amongst its biggest fans, you’ll love it even more after checking out these three cheesy Instagram accounts.

That Cheese Plate

Putting together a perfectly-organized cheese plate is an art form in itself, and no one does it better than Marissa Mullen behind the page That Cheese Plate. She’s been giving us cheese plate inspiration for years, and we never want her to stop.

Cheese Pulling

If neatly-organized cheese plates aren’t your thing, and you prefer making a bit of a mess with your favorite snack – we’ve got an Instagram page just for you. Cheese Pulling is perfect for everyone who enjoys a taste of hot melting cheese.

Antonelli’s Cheese

Cheese shops around the world also started their own mouth-watering Instagram pages, and if you’re looking forward to following one of them, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is our top pick. No matter which type of cheese you prefer, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it here.