Plaid Skirts Are on a Fashion Plate This Fall

Photo by Shutterstock (10113065aj) Street Style

The new season is here, and the plaid skirt is back – the same way it is every September. Nothing is surprising about this trend because this iconic piece has a very special place in the world of fashion and it’s probably never going away.

The new collections of almost every brand have at least one plaid piece, and in 90% cases, it’s the skirt.

Queen Bee

No one really knows what the big fuss about these skirts is, but girls are probably going back to them because they miss school days. Every girl wanted to be the “Queen Bee” during their teenage years, and they have a chance to relive this experience in the classic plaid skirt.


Uniformity is not a thing that makes any girl happy. They are not exactly thrilled that someone else is wearing the same outfit. This feeling is gone once you’re over with school, and a plaid skirt no longer feels like a part of a uniform.

Great Combination

No matter which color you choose to have your plaid skirt, it’s very easy to come up with great outfits. Plaid print is very colorful and you can match the rest of your clothes with any color from the skirt. Be creative this September, and awaken that school girl spirit in yourself.