The Easter Egg Decorations You Have to Try This Year

Even if you are not creative, these Easter egg decorations will wake up the artist in you. There are both vibrant hues and toned down, a little bit of everything to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Get Into Details

This art definitely requires a lot of attention, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Go for pastel colors for the base and a white hue for the decorations. You’ll also need a sharp object to draw with.

Freestyle Splashes

Garb a brush and start splashing colors all over the eggs. This will become one of your most favorite Easter egg decorations for 2019. It’s perfect for all women who don’t have too much time but still want to have fun.

All You Can Do With Dots

Polka dots are so fun to play with. You can create a number of different Easter egg decorations that are different and unique. Combine them with other prints like rabbits, hearts, lines, stars, flowers and more.


Tie-dye will surprisingly be one of the coolest prints this 2019. You can easily make your Easter eggs feature that same print and in any colors that you like. You can mix hues from similar palettes or do the whole range.