Bratz Doll Inspired Hairstyles Are Back, Baby!

Ariana Grande. Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (7449733jb)

If you’re a true ‘90s kid, Bratz dolls were probably a part of your daily life – and they’re about to become once again. Hairstyles inspired by this fashion-forward franchise are making a huge comeback, and it seems they’re here to stay!

We owe this emerging craze to celebrity hairstylist Danielle Priano, who first tested it out on famous model Bella Hadid during this year’s MTV VMAs ceremony. Kylie Jenner was apparently so impressed by the idea, that she was seen rocking it a couple of days later.

This Bratz dolls-inspired look basically consists of a sleek ponytail hairstyle, with a signature side parting. A couple of strands are wrapped around the base, adding this adorable hairstyle a dramatic final touch.

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Needless to say, high ponytails are nothing new, and Hadid and Jenner are hardly the first celebrities to embrace them. What makes their Bratz-inspired looks different from Ariana Grande’s signature style is that the hair is not pulled back, but parted on the side, adding a new layer of elegance to this hairstyle.